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  • Assist with the fund’s investment planning and portfolio management;

  • Consult with tax advisors for their expertise;

  • Assist with the setup of bank and brokerage accounts;

  • Dealing with administrative matters on behalf of the fund manager;

  • Executing transactions for the fund;

  • Assist the fund manager with conducting risk assessments of assets;

  • Assist with the selling and promotion of the fund.

Image by Anne Nygård
Offshore Fund Operation Framework
Our Services (Cayman)

Setup Cayman Seed Fund

Contact relevant service providers such as lawyers, auditors, fund administrators, custodians, brokers, etc.

Back/Middle Office Support

Provide settlement instruction

Risk Management

Pre- and post-transaction compliance review.

Legal and Compliance

Limitations of the sales brochure, investment guidelines, SFC rules and regulations

NAV Report

Reconcile the fund's net asset value and financial statements

Investors Service

Monthly report, attribution report, etc.

Customized Plan

Develop an investment plan and execution strategies

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