Group introduction


Maximum Success Capital Group is a Hong Kong-owned financial group founded in 2015 with a team of professionals averaging over 20 years of experiences in the finance industry. Through its subsidiaries, the group collectively has licenses issued by the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) to conduct Types 1, 4 and 9 regulated activities providing a varietal of services including but not limited to brokerage, investment, financial advisory, and asset management. Moreover, clients can be supplied with personal loans, mortgages, and pledge securities through the Money Lenders License.

Maxcess Capital Limited
[Central Entity Number: BGL499]

  • Type 4 Regulated Activity: Advising on Securities
  • Type 9 Regulated Activity: Asset Management

BOA MS Capital Limited
[Central Entity Number: BIJ477]

  • Type 1 Regulated Activity: Dealing in Securities

Maxcess Finance Limited
[Money Lender’s Licence No.: 0134/2021]